Mid July to mid August is vacation time and the Swedes flee the cities to the countryside. On the water, in the forests or on the mountains they commune with nature for a month, or fight with their families, or just party. Some fear the summer will be cold and rain away and take a so called “restresa” to somewhere warm.

We head for the summer house on Orust. It’s quiet, surrounded by trees and not too far from the water. We do stuff that needs doing like chopping wood and clearing the place from being overgrown. We build things and we light the barbecue and open a bottle of wine and sit outside in the evenings until we shiver chatting and checking our smart phones (yes, we are not immune even out here).

Anyway, now we are here. Cooper is roaming around and feeling free. Still peeing inside but at least the number twos are done outdoors. Went swimming one day, lifted Cooper into the water but he wasn’t keen. Does not appear to be a bathing dog. Does not appear to be much at all actually when his fur is wet, just skin and bone.

Been trying to get some sunsets with the drone. Below are some samples along with other stuff.

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