Easter weekend 2019

Easter weekend 2019

It’s Easter and we’re on Orust at the summer house and it’s… eh, summer! 20°C +, clear blue skies and fabulous sunshine. A little cold in the late evenings but we’ve sat outside wrapped in jumpers and told ourselves it’s lovely. To top it off we have a Berner pup staying over.

We’ve had sill, gravlax, eggs and Jansson’s and washed it down with beer and Påskmust. Easter eggs full of candy have been like a Cornucopia, never ending.

Took to the sky with the drone in the evenings when the sun is low. It’s almost possible to see from one end of Orust to another from 120 meters up. The buzzing must be starting to annoy the neighbors.

Anyway, here are some pix from the weekend so far:

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