Daylight saving begins with epic fog

Daylight saving begins with epic fog

Spring is two weeks late according to the meteorologists. This time last year the outdoor furniture was out and we were soaking up the sunshine. This year there is still ice in the Sannegården dock! 

Today is the start of daylight saving and we will be getting up an hour earlier for the next 6 months to get an hour extra daylight in the evening. Nice in the evening, horrible in the morning.

The weather couldn’t quite make up its mind today. By midday the sky cleared, the sun came out and it got a little warmer. However, a thick fog rolled in from the sea and up the river. Although it tried hard it never quite managed to conquer the sunny Sunday afternoon but it made for some interesting light. Anna and I walked along the river towards the Älvsborg Bridge and back and took it all in.

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