Monthly Archives: December 2017


Goodbye 2017!

2017 is the first full year we’ve spent in Sannegården and we are loving it! There were a few trips to Greensboro in  the United States, a visit to Stockholm to see the Phantom of […]


Warm light in cold December

December is usually grey, dark and pretty dull here in Göteborg. If we are lucky we get some snow to lighten things up but it’s quite rare. However, every now and then the sun breaks […]


Roxy loves the snow

Roxy, our ten and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog, loves the snow. About a centimeter fell last night, enough to have her romping about like a little puppy.  Went for a walk on […]


Snow over Sannegården

The weekend started with howling winds and ended with snow. Nice while it lasts. We have no illusions about it laying around for Christmas. Most likely it will be washed away by rain before the […]


Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

In Greensboro for a just over a week with a weekend in the middle. A beautiful, sunny Sunday so I decided to go explore the northern part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Headed north to […]