Man and dog have evolved together for at least 60 000 years. No other animal is more capable of reading human emotions, including, quite possibly, other humans. It is believed that without the dog man would not have domesticated cows, pigs and horses and would therefore still be living as hunters & gatherers. We owe civilisation to our dogs. In our family we have evolved alongside our dogs since June 1994. This is when Diesel, our first Bernese Mountain dog, joined our family. A couple of years later Roxy arrived on the scene. Diesel passed away in 2014 and Roxy left us in February 2018. After nearly a year and a half i mourning Cooper the Labradoodle again filled our lives with fur. Born on April 2nd 2019 he joined us on May 31, 8 weeks old.

Stay calm and love dog.


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