Taking photos is only half the fun. Once downloaded onto the harddrive and catalogued it’s time to start the “post-processing”. I take all my photos in RAW format to allow the greatest amount of flexibility to adjust exposure, colour balance, and many other parameters. The aim is to get the image to look as I percieved it when I pressed the shutter button (which, of course, is quite subjective and may not be “realistic” in someone elses eyes).

There is also the possibility to convert to black and white and work with colour filters just like you would in the darkroom with analogue film, only without all the nasty chemicals and the need to work in total darkness. Different types of colour films, both negative films and positive slide film and various types of processing is possible to simulate with software.

Sometimes the picture doesn’t convey what I want to convey no matter how I process it. Then it’s time to try various software filters and plug-ins available. Sometimes I search for effects with something very specific in mind, other times I just stumble upon something that works. That, for instance, is how I discovered the coloured etchings effect that I used on some shots of Göteborg.

My etchings...
My etchings…
Black & white
Black & white
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