GÖTEBORG, Sweden’s port to the world and second largest city, a.k.a. Gothenburg, and my hometown since 1992.Göteborg was founded by a king 400 years ago, built by Dutch city planners, and industrialized by Scots.
It’s an industrial town that has gone from textile mills, to ship building, to manufacturing cars and trucks, to being an innovation hub for electric and self driving vehicles.
Since 2016 I live in Sannegårdshamnen which used to be a coal harbour where coal to heat Göteborg and power industry was stored after arriving by ship from wherever they used to mine coal. Today it’s a residential area full of apartment buildings, and no one burns coal anymore.
I live here with my wife and my dog in an apartment on the fourth floor with a large terrace.
For the past 25 years I have worked for Volvo as a designer of trucks and, more recently, as part of a team developing the Volvo Exhibition at the World of Volvo.
Göteborg is 57° north and 12° east, roughly the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska, but with the warming effect of the Golf Stream, and sits at the mouth of Göte Älv, the river emptying the excess water from Lake Vänern into Kattegat and the Atlantic Ocean.
This is Göteborg, my home.

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