I have photographed for many years and my house is filled with boxes of slides and I have terrabytes of harddrive space filled with thousands of photographs. Most of them are blurry, poorly composed, badly exposed or just plain boring. There are a small number of exceptions. Statistically it makes sense that out of all the thousands of photos I have taken through the years there will be the odd chance that at some point the light, the subject, and the timing was in synch and what came out of the camera actually had some aesthetic value, at least to my way of seeing it.

At the end of 2015 I was invited to join some painting friends to exhibit some photos publically for the first time. Chosing motifs that were close to my heart I alienated most of the audience who came to view them. I think they saw some merit in my black and white, large format landscapes but the Australian bush was not something they could relate to. Still, encouraged by positive critique I decided to accept a second invite to exhibit in May 2016 with the same friends. This time I was more flirty with my subjects and chose various views around Göteborg using a technique to give the photographs the appearance of coloured etchings. Success! I managed to touch the heart of my audience this time.

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