The in-between days

The in-between days

In Sweden we call them the “in-between days” or “mellandagarna”, the days, or rather, the week in between Christmas and New Year. This year, both Christmas and New Year being on a weekend, the in-between days were all working days and you had to use your vacation time if you wished to have them off. We wished to, and we did. On Boxing Day we charged the Polestar, loaded it up, and headed to Orust and the summer house.

The weather has been awful. A little snow that quickly turned to slush early on and then rain, rain, rain, and more rain. It did hold up long enough for a couple of long walks, the sun even popped out for a short moment. Our neighbours joined for one of them and we brought glögg and pepparkakor and sat on a rock in the biting cold getting intoxicated.

Other than that nothing has really happened. The world is spinning out of control with war, inflation and Covid, but we are just sitting infront of our warm fire listening to the wind and the rain and pretending it’s not happening, at least during the in-between days.

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  1. Hej Har inte varit inne på din hemsida sedan jag bytte dator.Nu är den favorit igen. Ser att du uppdaterat den och är jätteimponerad av din fotokonst. Det blir bara bättre och bättre

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