Stars, snow and tree felling

Stars, snow and tree felling

The cold weather has parked itself firmly over Sweden for over a month now. We are tired of winter and desperately want spring to arrive. However, the high atmospheric pressure and the cold clear air is revealing an amazing starry sky. This weekend there was no moon to steal the show either.

We arranged a tree felling weekend and were joined by the girls and their boyfriends for some hard work clearing the property. The chainsaw went warm and made quick work of creating a more park-like garden. We built a bonfire and tried to set it ablaze in the evening. Despite a considerable effort and a whole bottle of ethanol it didn’t really take and we had to give up.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. -10° C at night but a nice warm fire inside, some great food and nice wine, a jovial atmosphere, and some very sore muscles.

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