Hottest, driest summer ever
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Hottest, driest summer ever

Well into our second week of vacation and we are experiencing the hottest and driest summer for a long time (maybe hottest, driest ever!). Wild forest fires are raging throughout Sweden. Water bombing planes from Italy, firetrucks from Poland, and even bombs from the Swedish Airforce are desperately trying to douce the flames and stop the fires from spreading. From 4 pm this afternoon we are not even allowed to light our BBQ in our own backyard!

Not withstanding the worry that there is something seriously wrong with the climate, it has been very nice to be able to go swimming almost every day. No red stinging jellyfish when the water is over 20°C either. Warm, lazy days together with family and friends has been the theme of this vacation so far.

As seen in the previous post we are erecting a new small cottage. The walls came up in one day with the help of Robban. The rest is taking shape bit by bit. Got to get the roof on before the thunderstorms strike late in the weekend.


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