Week 42…

Week 42…

…the dullest week of the year?

When I came to Sweden, a long time ago now, I was introduced to the Swedish concept of counting the weeks. Summer vacation starts week 27 (for some), sportlovet (spring school holidays) is week 8 here in Göteborg, and New Year’s Eve is week 52, except when it sometimes spills over into week 53.

So, anyway, back to week 42, the second last week of October. Summer is definitely over, we’ve passed the autumnal equinox, and night now rules over day. Dark when you crawl out of bed and into the shower, dark(ish) when you get home from your day labouring in the saltmine. Nothing to look forward to but more dark, more cold, and more wet… and Christmas.
On the other hand, if you take a moment, lift your gaze from the wet pavement and live in the moment for a moment, practicing a bit of mindfullness, you will notice that the world is actually incredibly beautiful, even in week 42.

The leaves on the trees are still hanging on for dear life but fighting a loosing battle. Their effort makes them explode in yellows and reds, and even on the wettest and dullest day they appear as if bathed in sunlight.

There is a faint smell of curry from the fallen leaves starting to turn back into earth, and there is a melancholy beauty over the world, a world going through its endless cycles of birth, death and re-birth.

The Nikon, with a 50 mm lens, accompanies a walk with Anna, Cooper, Hagrid and Siri along the road to Gunneröd and in amongst the pine trees, oak trees and maple trees and whatever else grows at this latitude. Couldn’t record the smell, or the cool air, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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