Summer roadtrip – day 6

Summer roadtrip – day 6

Today we leave Bolzano and start our journey back north. Up through the Brenner Pass and all the roadworks again to Innsbruck and a recharge before heading to Salzburg.

In Salzburg we have lunch and walk through the old town past the birthplace of Mozart. We only see the Festung Hohensalzburg from a distance through the trolley bus wires but Griesgasse, the main street in the old town, is picturesque despite the throngs of tourists.

Then we leave Austria and return to Germany. We’ve booked an apartment in Passau. Feels like it takes forever to get there but once we do the apartment we’ve booked for the night turns out to be nice, big and modern, and walking distance from the city center.

The Donau passes through Passau and after we’ve settled in we cross it to the old town and the Domplatz Passau where a festival is in full swing. We buy some drinks and listen to the band singing Italian and talking German between the songs. We wander back to the apartment in the dark for a good nights sleep.

First stop in Salzburg.

Festival time in Passau

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