A quiet week

A quiet week

Just the way I wanted my first week of summer vacation; peaceful and quiet. But, we are not sleeping the days away. Cooper gets us up early. Around 6:30 – 7:00 he want to go outside to do his morning toilet stuff. After that he will not leave us alone until he’s got his breakfast. Food is preceded by a little dance number which he has choreographed himself. We have breakfast in the sun outside.

We’ve had some visitors. Neighbors from town and old friends from Orust. Yesterday Bengt, Anna-Lena and Ceder, their magnificent Bracco Italiano, came for a coffee on the patio.

A late afternoon trip to nabbarna and Coopers first real swim in the sea. When he is wet he is such a scrawny little thing. Just skin and bone. Wore him out, the poor thing. Not so many people at nabbarna now that the road down there has been made private.

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