It’s 2023. We spend the first weekend of the year at the summer house and get a dose of real winter, if only for a couple of days. It’s a long weekend, Friday being Epiphany and a public holiday in Sweden. Escaping the worries of the world we head for the summer house and some peace and quiet.

It snows a lot on Friday. It’s magic. We go for a long walk passed the old farm buildings and empty summer houses. I stop to take the mandatory tractor and caravan shots.

On Saturday it warmed up and the snow starts melting. Eventually the rain starts and it all turns to slush. We drive down to Stillingsön and wander around the empty summer seaside resort. It’s very lifeless this time of the year and the wet, grey weather makes it even more miserable.

The local grocery store is unsuccessfully promoting summer vibes. They never bothered taking the signs down.

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