First snow

First snow

After an unusually mild start to November winter suddenly struck hard with severe snowstorms and cold weather in many parts of southern Sweden. Stockholm and parts of Skåne where particularly badly hit stopping traffic and creating chaos. Here in the west it passed as a minor inconvenience at worst and a pleasant winter walk in the woods at best.

A great place for a walk in the woods with great company is with Marita and Mattias and their Bernese Mountain dogs in Svenljunga so Anna, Cooper, Nicolina and Hagrid and I head down there on Sunday, enjoy some hot soup and put on our winter boots and go for a wander. Hagrid battles the snowballs forming on his little legs but the MD ladies and Cooper have a ball tearing up the forest tracks in the gently falling snow.

By the time we get back to Göteborg again it’s dark and the snow is still gently falling. Take some shots of the local pub on my way to get the car from the charging station. Mathilda comes over and we have a great Sunday dinner together.

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