Spring 2024

Spring 2024

Time flies whether your having fun or not. All of a sudden it’s the end of May, nature has exploded in leaves and flowers, the birds have returned from their winter southern holidays and built nests, daylight extends into late evening, and sandals are in again. It’s almost over before it begins. If you blink you miss the lilac bushes blooming.

It began slowly though. When we returned from Australia it was still cold and dark, and we even had some days of snow. We spent the weekends at the summer house on Orust taking long walks with the dogs, and burning a lot of firewood in the evenings to keep warm. Siri hates getting wet and looked amazing in her yellow raincoat.

Easter was almost warm enough for lunch outside with Jan and Anna. Later we had a visit from Marita and Mattias, and the Bernese Mountain girls; Queenie, Saraka, and Olympia. The Berner girls had no qualms making themselves at home on the couch after our long walk along the back roads and through the woods. The weather was wet, cold and overcast, and it stayed until the end of April.

Then the sun lit up and broke through the clouds and the temperature rose. The jackets came off, the sandals came out, and the anemones covered the slopes. Everywhere stuff flowered and you could almost watch as the leaves sprouted back onto the trees. Cooper liked it before it got too warm for him to chase balls through the blueberry bushes.

The mornings in Sannegården and on Slottsberget were golden moments with an intense scent of lilac. The fruit trees flowered along with everything else and there is that feeling of ecstasy that catches you off guard every year.

Watching the birds building a home in the nest boxes is fascinating. A bluetit couple moved into one, and a pair of flycatchers into another. I set the camera up with a long lens and a remote trigger and managed to capture them coming back with building material for their new home.

The sunny mornings continue in Sannegården. I walk Cooper around Slottsberget before taking him to daycare. We walk around here almost every working day the whole year around. It’s great to watch the seasons change. Slottsberget still has some of the original wooden apartment blocks built over a hundred years ago. It’s a cultural and historical oasis in the middle of modern Lindholmen and Eriksberg, built in the last couple of decades on the grounds of Gothenburgs famous shipbuilding industry.

This will have to sum up an eventful spring in a troubled world where the best place to loose yourself is in the beauty and magnificence of the here and now, the place where you are. Lift your eyes from the little screen and the world where you are not, and imerse yourself in the one that you are in.

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