The New River Valley

The New River Valley

Ended this trip to Greensboro with a trip up to New River Valley in Virginia. The Volvo Trucks NA factory and the Volvo Trucks Customer Centre is located near Dublin. Had a presentation to give at the Customer Centre on Monday morning so I headed up already Saturday to explore the hills and valleys in the area.

On Saturday I ended up in Roanoke, a railway town and the largest city in southwest Virginia. Strolled around downtown through the market are before stumbling on an amazing exhibition at the Taubman Museum of Art. On display were some incredible American cars. Some were concept cars from the big car makers in Detroit and some were carefully customized and restored by proud owners. Beautiful attention to detail and a celebration of technology and design. 

Cruised south west along a valley in the Appalachian Mountains through the partially abandoned town of Simmonsville on my way to Blacksburg.

Spent the night in Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech, a major American college, home to a famous football team, and the scene for one of Americas worst mass shootings about 10 years ago. 

Sunday morning I headed up in to the hills in search of some nature experience. After some Googling I ended up walking 3 km up the Little Stony Creek to Cascade Falls, a magnificent waterfall. There are many rapids in the dense forest along the valley up to the falls. Using a little tripod I was able to take some long exposures to capture the smooth flow of the water contrasted in the dense and textured vegetation.

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