Almost over…

Almost over…

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the final full week of summer vacation for 2019. Anna is back at work and it’s just me and Cooper out here at the summer house. The weather is not great but it’s OK. Not to cold and only a few drops of rain.

Cooper keeps me busy. He wakes me with a wet tongue in the ear, does his little food dance when he is about to get his meal, and the rest of the time it’s either all in or all out snoozing flat on the floor.

We have breakfast on the porch and this morning we were accompanied by a Nuthatch in our big tree. Coffee outdoors with the local wildlife tastes so much better.

Big, grey skies threatened with rain and thunderstorms that never materialized. Made for dramatic pictures. Drove to Grindsby Vattnet and Älgårds Mill and launched the drone to shoot some new views.

Oh, and the rowan berries are really out in force this year.

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  1. Hej Alltid lika roligt att följa dina fina bilder och ert liv. Hälsn Claes o Barbro

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