Another lazy day

Another lazy day

A crazy thunderstorm raged over us yesterday afternoon. Brought 15 mm of rain in about 30 minutes. No flooding and no damage where we are. The temperature dropped about 12 degrees and it cleared the muggy air making for a very pleasant evening once the storm passed and the sun popped out again.

This morning we slept late, nearly 8:30. Cooper was just as tired and didn’t wake us. The air was still and the warm air was back. Decided to head down to “nabbarna” and the sea. It was perfect. Had the place to ourselves until the afternoon when quite a crowd started forming. Cooper had a couple of swims and flipped out after both of them. Guess it fires him up to cool down on a day like today. Good some nice shots of him and Leo together in his quieter moments.

The sunset in the still evening was magic. Sent the drone up to capture its magnificence.

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