Summer arrives early

Summer arrives early

The warm weather that settled over the west coast of Sweden already in May continued well into June. Still a couple of months away from vacation, but with quite a few public holidays thrown in, we did our best to make the most of the sunshine and warmth on the terrace in Sannegården or at the summer house on Orust. 

We borrowed dogs, walked in Rya skog, swam at nabbarna and barbecued on the terrace. After a long, dark Nordic winter we Swedes thrive on sunshine and daylight. One warm evening at the end of May we took the ferry across the river to the city to celebrate birthdays with family and old neighbours with Improvisation Theatre on Andra Långgatan.

Unfortunately two very sad events took place during this period. One was the incredibly tragic passing of Humla, Marita & Mattias´Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, just after having spent the weekend with us on Orust. We didn’t know that she was seriously ill until afterwards and we hope we gave her a last weekend full of love.

The other was the funeral for my dear cousin Titti in Stockholm who passed away on the 9th of May, losing her battle with cancer. The girls and I drove to Stockholm for the funeral and a memorial service that was attended by over 150 people, a tribute to the Titti’s engagement and empathy for other people, whether they were family, friends, colleagues or co-workers. It was a very sad but also very beautiful and dignified event. 

We took the opportunity to spend the warm, summery weekend in Stockholm to look around, spend some time together and enjoy some good food and drink. Below you will find some photos from that weekend and from this unusually warm early summer . Enjoy!

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