The cold returns

The cold returns

We’re at the summer house again. Two weeks back at work and more than half way through January. The days are noticeably longer, at least when the sun is shining. Long way to go yet but at least it’s heading in the right direction.

The cold is back. Along with snow. 15 – 20 cm out here on Orust. Had to dig our way to the front door when we arrived Friday evening. Had more snow during the night but the sun shone in the morning and it was beautiful. Snow on the trees, glistening like magic. The creaky sound cold, dry snow makes when you walk on it, it’s real winter, the way it should be.

This Cooper’s favourite time of the year. He’s a snow dog. He blends in, he is one with the snow, the snow is an unexplored universe of scents to discovered, sniffed and followed.

Well, better make the most of it. Next week it will rain again, and the temperature will be well above freezing. Goodbye creaking under foot, glistening trees and the universe of scents; hello slush, cold and wet shoes, and dull, colourless and boring…

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