Getting colder and darker…

Getting colder and darker…

…but the sunsets are fantastic!

Low pressure systems keep rolling in from the North Sea bringing rain and cold winds. Gusts sends the garden furniture dancing around the balcony and it howls through the kitchen ventilation scaring Cooper and making him bark.

From now on the night will come earlier and the morning later for every day I get up and out of bed. The melancholy will thrive on the dark and the horrors on the evening news. I hide from it behind my camera and search for beauty through the viewfinder. I find it in all around, in the weather, the rising and setting sun, and in Göteborg going about its business, in the everyday.

From September to early October my morning walks with Cooper across Slottsberget, and the evening strolls along the river coincide with the rising and setting sun. If I’m lucky I will get some nice shots to take home and refine on my laptop. It’s a meditative activity that lowers my blood pressure and my anxiety about the state of the world, at least for a moment.

It occurs to me often that I am privileged to live where I live. For this I am extremely grateful.

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