A cold spell

A cold spell

An arctic cold spell meandered down from the north and had us its grip for the past couple of weeks. The mercury dropped below -10° some nights. A couple of centimeters of snow made it feel like winter proper. It’s fun and pretty for a day or two, after that it’s just a pain. Give me a warm sunny day any day.

Cooper likes the cold. More spots to sniff. Sniff, sniff, sniff, pee, sniff, sniff, etc, etc. Our walks over Slottsberget take forever but gives me a chance to take some photos. My triggerfinger turns blue from the cold.

The water freezes over in Sannegården. It turns light green and cracks in long curvy lines. Out on the river where the water moves a little faster the ice is crushed and turns into a slurry. It looks as cold as it probably is. I don’t envy the gulls and the ducks that hang out on the ice floes.

Karlatornet keeps growing. The twist in the middle is half finished. I think there are four or five floors left before it stops growing. It’s visible from almost any place in Göteborg, and from a long way out of Göteborg. It’s so tall it’s grotesque. It looks like an alien structure built here to keep us Göteborgare under observation.

Warmer weather is on its way. …or less cold.

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