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Autumn weekend

The leaves are turning. Summer is most definitively over for this year, and what a summer it was; hot, dry and every reason to worry, and every opportunity to enjoy.  We’re at the summer house. […]


Summer arrives early

The warm weather that settled over the west coast of Sweden already in May continued well into June. Still a couple of months away from vacation, but with quite a few public holidays thrown in, […]


Orust last weekend of January

Two weeks ago we lost our Roxy and 14 years of having at least one dog in the family came to an end. Roxy reached the admirable age of 10 years, 8 months and one […]


Roxy loves the snow

Roxy, our ten and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog, loves the snow. About a centimeter fell last night, enough to have her romping about like a little puppy.  Went for a walk on […]



Roxy, our Bernese Mountain Dog bitch. Nearly 10 years old and still going strong. 


MyDog 2017

Together with Marita & Mattias, Roxy’s breeders, and their 2 Berner boys, Yatzy and Vegas, we manned the Sennen Club’s booth in the Breeder’s Corner at MyDog 2017 on Friday afternoon. Roxy was a bit […]


Orust in mid-December

We are four days from the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. From December 21 the days will get longer and eventually the colours will come back and life as we know it […]


First snow of the season

A light drizzle on Friday turned into the first snow cover for this season on Sunday. Braved the slippery roads and drove to Orust to empty the plumbing and prepare the summer house for the […]


Mårtenstorp, January 2016

Roxy is staying with the boys in Mårtenstorp for week or so. We dropped her off today and took a walk in the woods with Marita, Mattias, Yatsy and Vegas. A clear and crisp winter day […]


MyDog 2016

MyDog at Svenska Mässan in Göteborg is Scandinavia’s largest dog show. Beauty is only fir deep and Roxy’s inner qualities don’t come to their right in the ring so we decided a long time ago […]