Glad to see some rain

Glad to see some rain

The fabulous Easter weather continued into the working week. By Friday it was a sweltering 26°C. Life on the terrace is good. There’s a downside; everything is tinder dry and forest fires have started raging around the country.

Friday after work and Anna, Bella (the Bernese Mountain dog from Svenljunga) and myself head to the summer house for a weekend of peace and quiet. The evening is warm and we sit outside and peel shrimps and wash them down with a cool Riesling. The sun sets and the temperature drops so we go inside and sit down to “The fifth element” on the telly.

Saturday morning is a little cloudy and a bit cooler but it’s not until early afternoon that a light drizzle slowly turns a little heavier and more persistent. Not the downpour we expected but enough to provide some much needed moisture to the exploding flora.

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