Summer roadtrip day 5

Summer roadtrip day 5

A Berner bitch on heat, a protective Berner alpha male and labradoodle boy just discovering his natural urges is a volatile mix. Cooper managed to tip toe around Vegas, who totally ignored him, despite both of them being extremely frustrated.

We had the urge to climb another mountain and headed towards Gurkfjället. This summer is unlike other summers. The Corona virus has Swedes holidaying at home and, although never crowded, there are many hikers on the mountain.

We find a place out of the wind with a fabulous view and enjoy a fika. The dogs are more relaxed up here and their focus is on picking up some morsels from meal. We watch heavy rain clouds pass over the lakes and up the valley. It stays clear of us until we are close to the car park and ready to return home.

The rain clears in the evening and we go down to the shore of Lake Gauta to marvel at the magnificent Ryfjället.

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