Dreaming I’m flying

Dreaming I’m flying

This year’s midsummer was the warmest for many years. None the less we didn’t escape the obligatory rain. It came in the afternoon, as it usually does, when we sat down to the sill and potatoes. Not enough to be a catastrophe, just enough to remind us of our Swedish melancholy soul and the fleeting moments of bliss in between.

Our friends Marita & Mattias and their Bernese Mountain dogs; Vegas, Sarakka and Queenie came up from Svenljunga to celebrate with us. Nicolina & Pontus also came up from Göteborg to join us. Sitting outside we could respect the social distancing recommendations and still enjoy each others company.

With temperatures around 27°C we headed down to “nabbarna” to cool off with a swim. Unconfirmed reports said it was nearly 20° in the water. The dogs also took the opportunity to get wet. Cooper was wet and everywhere at the same time.

The weekend also provided some great photo opportunities with the drone. Even managed to catch a sunrise at 4:30 am one morning! I was introduced to the photography of Mats Lind by a colleague at Volvo and got inspired to experiment with my post production technique and look for a new feel. Tried some miniature effects also just for fun.

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