Autumn weekend

Autumn weekend

The leaves are turning. Summer is most definitively over for this year, and what a summer it was; hot, dry and every reason to worry, and every opportunity to enjoy. 

We’re at the summer house. Marita and Mattias and Vegas are here. So nice to have a big black, white and brown dog around. It’s nearly been a year since Roxy departed and I miss her so much.

Night and morning are cold. We light a fire to keep warm. Board games, snacks and red wine. …and a big dog sprawled on the floor. 

Sunday morning the sky is blue and the sun is is low. There is dew, spider’s webs and a mist breaking the light. Photo op. 

We take a walk. Like the dog walks we used to take down the Gunneröd road, through the planted pine forest, by the muddy tarn. We meet a French bulldog. The sun shines and the leaves are yellow and red. It’s a great day and life is wonderful.

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