Tractor day at Myckleby is back!

Tractor day at Myckleby is back!

For two years the pandemic has put a stop to the annual Tractor Day at the Myckleby parish on the east side of Orust. In 2022 it was back in full glory with tractors (of course), vintage cars, hot bulb engines, local produce, and waffles with jam. The sun shone, it was warm, and not too hot, and farmers and summer guests gathered in force in celebration of nostalgia and community.

It’s amazing how mesmerising a puffing hot bulb engine can be, and how many tattooed men in sunglasses can gather around an opened engine hood, or how the clapping sound of horses hoofs slowly pulling a carriage full of summer guests and their kids can stir childhood memories of endless summer holidays.

So here are some pictures trying to capture the spirit and feeling of Tractor Day at Myckleby.


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