Spring in Greensboro
Shot with DxO ONE

Spring in Greensboro

Back in Greensboro, North Carolina, and enjoying some perfect spring weather whenever I get a chance to leave the air conditioned Technical Centre, which is sometimes for lunch but mostly in the evenings. I get in my rental car and drive from my isolated hotel, just around the corner from Volvo’s North American head office and development centre, and drive into downtown Greensboro. 

I park off Elm Street and walk to McCoul’s Irish Pub for a Cream Velvet and a serving of Fish’n’Chips in the Beer Garden as the sun starts to sink behind the city buildings. It’s warm and pleasant, even if it is a bit sad to be out dining alone.

I drive back to the hotel in the twilight and I am amazed at how beautiful the world can be even in the most unlikely places.

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