Easter Sunday 2020

Easter Sunday 2020

Easter Saturday ended with pouring rain and howling winds. What is better for a good nights sleep then the sound of rain on a tin roof? Especially after a day of consuming eggs, sill and cured salmon, washed down with cold ale and some distilled liquids.

Breathed life into my chain saw and shortened some logs that have been lying around since we took down trees, until it ran out of fuel. Martin finished painting the new cottage, Anna and Maria moved moss from one place on the property to another, and the girls slouched on the couch, until we decided to take Cooper for a walk.

It was overcast and a little foggy, cold with a gusty wind, but perfectly OK for a dog walk. Decided to explore the road down to Hamborg and completed a 3,9 km circuit back up past Rödets Gård. Cooper wanted to play with some goats, and check out a couple of horses. They were not so keen to meet him. Back home it was time to finish off yesterdays eggs, sill and salmon.

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