Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. Warm, still and perfect for the beach (if that’s what you can call the granite rock we sunbathe on and swim from). A holiday type of day.

Woke up at 3 am to the smell of poop. Cooper had made a mess on the floor and managed to spread it around the house. He has been drinking from our little dam and I suspect it’s messing with his little puppy bowels. Took some effort to get it cleaned up. Lucky for him he is cute.

Rained quite a bit during the night. No breakfast on the patio this morning. It made for a bit of a change but the forecast says we’re in for warm weather later in the week so we were not so bothered. Anna and Maria headed for Uddevalla to do some shopping and Cooper and I stayed back and mopped the floors and cleaned up any remenants of the night’s mishap.

Kind of nice just to mope around and do very little. Launched the drone to get some pictures of the rain clouds.

That is pretty well the end of my first week of summer vacation this year.

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