Looking for elks and elves

Looking for elks and elves

If there is one certain thing about Swedish summer it’s that it’s completely unpredictable. Sunshine and blue skies one moment; wind, rain and heavy dark skies the next. This year’s summer began with a high pressure system firmly parked over Scandinavia thawing out our frozen nordic souls and drawing us out into the great outdoors. Facebook floods with pictures of people swimming in lakes, sailing boats, or just simply soaking it up where ever they may be. Anna, Roxy and I traveled north and you can read about that in previous posts.

Well into the vacation period the high got unstuck and the warm, sunny weather faltered. On the whole the last half of July and early August has been wet, windy and anything but warm. However, there have been some moments of more sun than cloud, evenings when the wind dropped and made room  for some timeless Swedish summer evening magic. Last night was one of them. We went looking for elks, saw elves, and met a couple of inquisitive horses. I tried to catch it on camera but it’s really best captured by the senses as a memory to bring out in November when the days are short and cold again.

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