Biting cold

Biting cold

Second Sunday of Advent before Christmas. Drove out to Orust Friday after work in my new electric lease car, a pearlescent white Polestar 2, Long Range Single Motor. A new experience. My second fossile free trip to Orust ever. The first one was a 7 hour bicycle ride many years ago when I was still young and fit. I post no pictures of the car so that you don’t think that I am being sponsored.

It’s cold. A couple of degrees below zero and quite windy. Blows the cold right through you and in to your marrow when you’re outside. Got a fire crackling in the stove and it’s fairly cosy inside, even if my feet and toes feel cold.

Yesterday we took a walk and found a spot in the sun (that doesn’t warm) and had some glögg and pepparkakor. The wind chills from the outside and the alcohol warms from the inside. It was a nice walk despite the cold. The low december light is beautiful, like an eternal sunset. It doesn’t get in everywhere and the shadows are deep and cold. Makes for great contrasts between light and dark, warm and cold. As usual we passed the deserted caravan and the red tractor and I just had to photograph them.

In a short while we will pack up our stuff and head back to Göteborg again, refreshed and ready for another week in the salt mines.

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