Last week before it turns

Last week before it turns

Next Friday is Midsummers Eve and Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, with respect ot daylight. From then on the days get shorter again before plummeting us into winter darkness some time in November. The knowledge that summer is short and the weather uncertain gives rise to the Swedish melancholy, “det stora vemodet”.

Cooper and I headed to the summer house after work on Friday and for the first time since Roxy passed it was just me and with my dog our here. It was a lovely evening and the next morning was warm and sunny.

Nicolina and Pontus came out in the morning to help carry building material. Anna came in the early afternoon. Took Cooper down to “nabbarna” where we go swimming. Carefully put him in the water but swimming didn’t seem to be his thing, not yet anyway. Ended the day with a barbecue, some wine and a film.

Today, Sunday, started OK but now the rain is falling.

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