First day with Cooper

First day with Cooper

No sleeping in with a puppy. Up at 6 am to go outside and do what needs to be done. No accidents during the night from what we could see. A glorious, sunny day so it felt quite OK.

We’ve rolled up all the carpets and put out newspaper. Cooper drinks a lot of water and it needs to come out as soon as it goes in. Had to clean up a couple of puddles but mostly we managed to get him outside in time. He managed to do his number twos outside. The biggest challenge was getting him not to eat them.

It was a lazy day mostly in the sun getting to know each other. One minute it’s full throttle and the next he is sleeping and dreaming like a baby. When he is awake he is exploring his surroundings mostly by chewing on them. A broom was very frightening to begin with until it succumbed to some intense biting.

By the way, the rhododendrons are flowering, and some trees. There are little birds busy raising families in the nesting boxes. It’s the last day of May, it’s summer!

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