Evening at “nabbarna”
Preparing to fish from nabbarna.

Evening at “nabbarna”

“Nabbarna” is the cliff we go swimming off when on Orust. There has not been a lot of that this summer since it’s been either windy, cold or raining, or all or any combination of the three.

Nicolina and Pontus came to Orust for a visit and insisted on going to nabbarna after dinner to fish and to try out Pontus’ underwater cover for his smartphone. The sun disappeared behind the other side of the island and ominous rain clouds rolled in slowly but not before Pontus jumped in the water and tried his smart phone underwater bag. Leo and Maria tried to catch some fish, and Roxy and Lukas were nervous about anyone being in the water.

No fish was caught and the expedition ended abruptly with a downpour and a dash to the cars to get out of the rain.

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