Darkness, darkness…

Darkness, darkness…

These are dark times. The sun is low and the days are short. The world is in a tailspin, and it’s difficult not to worry about what is come.

Taking one day at the time and focusing on things close at hand, things I like and people I like to be with, which sometimes is just myself.

Photographing in the dark is interesting. Spontanaity and sharpness are hard to combine. Handheld, high ISO, and wide aperture is not a good combination if you want clean, sharp shots. Better to focus on mood, presence and colour.

I take the pocket camera on morning and evening walks around the neighborhood with Cooper, our Labradoodle. I usually photograph the same things over and over and see how they change with the seasons, or just with the weather.

The fun part is working the images on my computer. I don’t change the motifs, but I do work with light and colour to capture the feeling of the moment. I use analogue film profiles to set the mood, like how they do it in the movies. If anyone says that it’s cheating, or not real photography, then, frankly, I couldn’t care less. I do it how I like it, and now I like it dark and moody. I hope you like it too.

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