Australia day 4

Australia day 4

Woke up in the “Summer House” in Possum Brush to the sound of Magpies and Kookaburras. Enjoyed fresh mangoes and coffee on the porch for breakfast. 

Packed our stuff in the car and headed down the dirt road to Pacific Highway and the ride to Sydney. On the way we stopped off in Newcastle where my family spent a couple of years in the mid-seventies. Found the house where we used to live in New Lambton Height and then went past the school I used to go to, now a private college. At the back of the school is an oval where I suffered my first inebriation (google it). Also took a trip into downtown Newcastle for lunch and a walk out to Nobby’s Head. Checked out the beach we used to go to when we wagged school when the weather was good.

Traffic into Sydney is pretty intense and it took awhile to get through the winding, narrow roads of the northern suburbs. Finally we were on the famous harbor bridge and down into Chippendale where we’d found the nights Airbnb. Had a meal on Kensington Street and then walked up to Darling Harbour for a look around. Will look around more tomorrow.

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