A wonderful weekend

A wonderful weekend

We are recommended to stay at home, practice social distancing, and stop the virus from spreading, to flatten the curve. We do it differently in Sweden to most other countries. We trust that people are responsible and want to do the right thing. We believe that there is no need for police to enforce laws that restrict our movements and our individual rights. Time will tell whether this is a strategy that works. I hope it works because it feels right.

So was it right to head to the summer house over the weekend? We decided that we are socially isolated at in the cottage and we are close enough to Göteborg to be able to head home if we become unwell. The fantastic spring weather was too good to miss.

The wood anemones are in full bloom and the birds are desperately chirping to attract their mating partners. There is a sense of ecstasy in the air, you feel it in your whole body as you soak up the warm sun.

Took long walks with Cooper. Stopped for some long exposure shots in Hållebäcken creek on Saturday, and on Sunday we walked way in to the woods. Good for the soul.

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