Storming in Kungshamn

Storming in Kungshamn

A storm called Malik thundered in from the Atlantic the day we drive up to Kungshamn to visit our next door neighbours at their summer apartment. Malik made landfall on Friday night and climaxed Saturday evening. We arrived at the apartment in Väjern at midday, braved the rain and walked through the bush into downtown Kungshamn and had a great lunch at Calmars Veranda. A seafood soup and two Carlsbergs later it was an even wetter walk back. We stayed inside for the rest of the day but in the evening the solid cloud cover broke and we watched a magnificent sunset over a stormy sea.

Sunday morning starts with a great breakfast and then a walk down to the Väjern foreshore where it’s blowing so hard that the sea level is rising so high it’s almost starting to wash over the boardwalks. The clouds are all gone and the sun is blinding. Not complaining, just not used to it.

We walk back and take the car and drive out to Smögen. First we wander out on Kleven to get a good view of Hållö lighthouse and the stormy waters and breakers on the pink granite cliffs. Then we take a stroll along Smögens boardwalk. It’s out of the wind but here it’s really apparent that the tide is unusually high. In the summer time the boats are moored five deep along the whole length of the boardwalk and Smögen is packed with summer tourists and boat people. This day there are a few people enjoying the sun but nothing is open and it’s definitely not crowded.

A great weekend with great friends in a great setting. The weather added a touch of drama and made for som great picture taking.

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