3rd Sunday of Advent

3rd Sunday of Advent

Not long now. Doesn’t feel like a year has past since the last one. Christmas again in less than a fortnight.

Bloody cold weekend. Snow and ice and several degrees below freezing. Fog or low cloud in the mornings (which starts around 9:30 and lasts till evening, at around 2 pm), clears at midday, with the sun barely bothering to creep over the horizon for a few moments. Anyway, it’s like a very long sunset with some amazing light, and very long shadows.

Took the camera for a walk around Lindholmen and snapped some shots. Fingers ached from the cold and it’s nice to get back inside and warm my hands on the laptop and work a bit with the pictures. It was the weekend for making Christmas sweets, with Christmas music playing, and toffee cooking in the kitchen.

I think about how lucky we are to be warm and well fed, and about those who are not.

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