Tractor day in Myckleby Parish

Tractor day in Myckleby Parish

The local highlight of the year here on the island of Orust on the west coast of Sweden is “Tractor Day” arranged by the Myckleby historical society. It’s a day of homemade jams, sausages and cordials as well as hotdogs (made with Bullen’s conserved sausages) and the obligatory “fika” – coffee, cakes, waffles, whatever…

…and, of course, tractors! Not so many this year for some reason. Usually there is a whole paddock full of them, but this year, no paddock and much fewer tractors. Some gems, however – Bolinder Munktells, Massey Fergusons and, naturally, Volvos. There were also less classic and vintage cars, but also some gems, like a 1966 SAAB two stroke, and an orange Volvo 142 DL in excellent condition. Not to mention, a personal favourite, an orange/yellow WV camper from 1977.

Some large Americans were parked up by the church making an excellent background for photographs. A massive ignition ball engine was running all day for no other good reason than to produce noise, smoke and smell, and splattering passers-by with black soot. Red poppies in full bloom in a field next to it contrasted the rusty machinery in a kind of interesting way.

The day was well attended. A fascinating collection of local farmers, retirees moved up from Gothenburg, summer house dwellers and the odd RV tourist happening to pass by. The average age was probably around 92 but there were younger people, and families with kids as well. The oldies tended to stick out more. Quite a few look like they have lived challenging lives, but who am I to judge.

The weather was OK. No sun but also no rain. The rain is coming in tonight in the form of “Hans” the super low pressure system that is supposed to dump over a 100 mm of rain before it continues north into Norway and dumps even more over the Norwegians.

Not much more to say really. Enjoy the pics and feel free to write a comment.

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