Summer roadtrip – day 2

Summer roadtrip – day 2

A light rain during the night lowered the temperature somewhat and the morning is a little cooler but humid and sticky. Creaky beds and the heat made for a poor night’s sleep.

We pack the car, check out, and head into downtown Berlin and a café for coffee and breakfast. We’re near the German Reichstag and the Brandenburger Tor and stroll past the bars and restaurants along the river Spree to do some sight-seeing. The Brandenburger Gate is a well documented spot. Lots of people taking photos of themselves, each other, and their families and friends, and of strangers taking photos of… There are a bunch of people protesting about something but I can’t read their banner so I have no idea about what, or if they’re even protesting.

Day 2 is a transport day spent mainly on the autobahn heading to Munich. The Polestar is a smooth, quiet and safe ride on the autobahn, but the batteries drain quickly if you push it over 125 km/h. Charging turns out to work better than I thought. Finding chargers with Google Maps is never a problem and we never had to queue for one. Takes 20 – 30 minutes to go from about 20% to 90%, enough time for a coffee, lunch, or just to pee ourselves and Cooper. Probably getting 300 – 350 km on a 90‰ charge down to about 20%.

The hotel is just north of central Munich next to a huge castle park. It’s still very warm. We have a drink in the courtyard as it gets dark and we wait for the rooms to cool a little before turning in. The beds don’t creak but they are rock hard.

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