Warm and stormy

Warm and stormy

It’s an Indian summer weekend with 15°C in Bohuslän at the end of October. It’s windy, really windy. Good for spinning wind turbines and keeping electricity prices down, but hard to keep your hat on.
Peter and Petra lived in the apartment next to ours but moved out a while back to a townhouse in Väjern near Kungshamn in Bohuslän a couple of hours drive north of Göteborg. We’ve been invited up to spend the weekend.
It’s a hard wind, but the sun shines and despite the wind it’s not cold. We head to the pink granite rocks of Sandö nature reserve near Smögen. The landscape is stunning but alien. This is an area where they used to break granite for export. It was going to build the new Berlin after the war had the Germans won.
Petra drives us up to Hunnebostrand where we walk out to the outdoor stonemasons museum. A new installation by Claes Hake called “Slägga” (“Sledge hammer”) is being inaugurated and fashionable people with champagne glasses are swarming around a party tent.
We continue to Bovallstrand and wander out to the bathhouse on the soft pink cliffs. Imagine it would be pretty crowded on a warm day in summer. No one swimming today though.
The wind died down completely overnight and the sun disappeared behind thick clouds. A Sunday morning stroll from Väjern to Hovenäset, through Kungshamn and back to Väjern before heading back to Göteborg finishes of a fabulous weekend.

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