The winter that wasn’t…

The winter that wasn’t…

A day that only comes once every fourth years: the 29th of February, and a winter that never was. Cooper’s first. Was hoping he would get to experience some new, fluffy snow, but no, not this winter. The past six months have been perpetual autumn. Overcast, wet, sometimes extremely windy, and between 2 and 4 degrees plus.

In the last week mornings have finally returned and it’s no longer pitch black on our 7 am walk around Slottsberget. As you can see from the photos the sun did actually make a couple of appearances and sprayed some colour on the skies over Göteborg harbour as it crept up over the skyline.

Cooper knows only this and is perfectly happy in his ignorance. He will have the joy of fresh snow to look forward to some other time, but for know he is content just being. He had his fur trimmed the other day and looks extremely well groomed and fluffy. Below you can see some before and after. From a mini Yeti to a soft toy.

Oh, and Cooper has this thing about looking out over life in Sannegården from the terrace. Not sure what he is actually looking at but he can sit for a long time just looking.

That was February 2020 in Sannegården, Sweden.

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