Summer roadtrip day 2 & 3

Summer roadtrip day 2 & 3

Hjortnäs to Kyrktåsjö is 550 km. Kyrktåsjö has a hostel by a lake and we had booked a room for two and a dog. It’s another 300 kms to Tärnaby so we look forward to some food and a good nights sleep. Turns out there is no food in Kyrktåsjö so we drive 20 km to Hoting and get some kebab and fries.

Cooper and I take a walk down to the lake. Much to cold for a swim but it’s nice to see the setting sun lighting up the clouds. Cooper gets up on a table to get a better view.

Sleeping is difficult with a belly full of kebab.

In the morning we drive up Tåsjöberget, a mountain top nearby with magnificent views, before taking the Blue Road from Storuman to Tärnaby.

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