Strange days indeed…

Strange days indeed…

Countries close their borders, people hoard toilet paper, the world is in a tail spin. It’s like watching a bad movie on TV on a Friday night and thinking “only Americans are that dumb” and realizing that everyone is that dumb.

Thank God for the summer house. Friday afternoon, a visit to Systembolaget to acquire a couple of Côtes du Rhône, and then north on the E6 to the island of Orust. Light a fire, eat some good food, collapse in front of the LED screen and a bad movie.

Cooper woke early Saturday. Joined him outside for a pee and took the opportunity to send up a drone to shoot the sunrise over Orust. See below.

Got some lamb from the ecological butcher in Varekil, and bread from Herr Bröd. The sun shines, it’s a lovely day and we sit in the sun and drink coffee and eat biscuits and take pictures of Cooper.

The lamb is grilled and the Côte du Rhône is uncorked and we feast. Then we watch the “The Dictator”. A great weekend in a time of turmoil…

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