Social distancing

Social distancing

A Monday like any other? It’s all so deceptively ordinary until you go near a grocery store and see people coming out with bales of toilet paper and bags of spaghetti and tinned food.

Dropped Cooper at hunddagis (dog daycare) and went to the office. We talk and try to make sense of the situation but it’s not easy. Some countries close down everything, the Brits are going for herd immunity, everyone is trying to “flatten the curve”. Our Danish friends have been sent home from their office in Copenhagen and told to work from home. Social distancing is the way to go. That’s how you flatten the curve, keep the hospital system from collapsing.

It’s a beautiful day. Cooper spies out of the bedroom window. The sun shines, the temperature climbs over 10°C, and it’s a lovely afternoon for a walk along the river down to Eriksberg with Anna and Cooper after work. It was a good idea to bring the camera and snap some shots.

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